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Posted June 21, 2018

When you have a fabrication need that’s outside your regular realm of business, we encourage you to talk to us at AFW about our turn key supply chain management services. No matter what the challenge, we can step up and handle your project:

  • Saw Cutting & Honing
  • Friction Welding & Machining
  • Heat Treatment
  • Plating & Coating
  • Stocking Programs & Logistics
  • Testing

We manage the risk and relieve you of the burden of performing outside of your core proficiencies.

Friction welding is our business, flexibility is our strength. That has been the motto here at AFW for almost 30 years. And it rings true even more so in today’s demanding manufacturing environment.

As the economy continues at this demanding pace we realize that more and more organizations are getting back to focusing on core competencies. This is why we continue to rigorously enhance our quality system. Not just to ensure quality welds but to bring more wide-ranging, turn key fabrication capabilities under our umbrella.

What’s New at AFW

  • Tube weldments up to 10” in diameter!
  • Real-time scheduling and paperless quality plans to help eliminate shop communication errors
  • We now have fully staffed 2nd and 3rd shifts that can leverage all equipment at any time of the day!
  • Gun drilling up to 3” diameter on solids
  • AFW now proudly offers SA (Anti-Seismic) and FA (Anti-Fatigue) Class friction weldments for the construction industry (link to Re-Bar Case Study)

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