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How To Bond Copper to Stainless Steel With Friction Welding

Chemical Company Requests Method to Bond Copper to Stainless Steel Recently, we received a request to produce a bi-metal pipe configuration created from a bond of copper to stainless steel...
Posted June 27, 2015

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How Can You Join Metal Into Unusual and Complex Shapes?

Combine Castings, Forgings, Bar Stock, and Stampings Design Choices A design engineer planning to fabricate unique part shapes has several choices in metalworking industries. Parts can be cut...
Posted March 26, 2015

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Changing to Friction Welding Process Takes Courage

Friction Welding is Revolutionary for Many Do you have the courage? I ask because friction welding often entails technical changes in operations and cultural changes for company staff. Friction...
Posted April 28, 2013

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