Piston Welding

Imagine an engine builder designing the perfect piston for the combustion chamber. A piston crown and ring grooves constructed of one metal and the piston skirt from another or machining inner piston features not possible to a single forging. Then, fusing the two sections without filler metals or the possibility of porosity. With a cross-sectional bond as strong as the parent materials. Well, this process is possible by American Friction Welding!

Friction welding provides a high-strength, cost-effective solution to join dissimilar metals together. The result is complete metal fusion without the need for fluxes, fillers, gasses, or an external heat source. The solid-state process requires minimal joint preparation and eliminates the possibility of porosity or slag inclusion. The narrow heat-affected zone of the weld area protects the molecular integrity of both components. This bonding method offers consistent and repetitive results with fast production turn-around.

Cost savings result by reducing the amount of raw material, machining, and tooling required to produce a completed part. The joining of dissimilar metals is possible where conventional methods may not work.

The AFW team will work with you to engineer the correct design solution and ensure superior strength for all critical areas.

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Friction Welded Piston
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