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Welding is a vital fabrication process utilized within manufacturing for decades. However, traditional welding methods aren’t always suitable for components intended for high-impact applications, such as drilling, automotive, or power generation.

Friction welding delivers an enhanced level of weld integrity that provides a superior end product. Rotary and linear friction techniques can satisfy industrial joining needs across multiple sectors, though its utilization is still relatively low across the broader manufacturing spectrum, despite offering several significant advantages:

  • Superior Joint Strength
  • Very Low Risk for Safety-Critical Joints
  • Economical, With Fast Welding Times
  • Ability to Weld a Wide Range of Similar and Dissimilar Materials

American Friction Welding, TWI, and KUKA Systems UK Ltd. possess a wealth of proven expertise within the field of friction welding and recognize the importance of quality component manufacture within the supply chain. So just how can these manufacturing principles be applied? Join us on October 5th to find the answers.

Whether through capital investment or subcontracting, this cost-effective joining method is still hugely underutilized. Join industry-leading authorities on friction welding and understand the plethora of benefits it offers.

Talking Industry - Friction Welding


  • Jeff Price, Manager of North American Operations, Thompson Friction Welding
  • Jayne Shimwell, Technical Services Manager at KUKA Systems UK Ltd.
  • Nick McCarthy, Head of Sales and Market Development, AWS, KUKA Systems UK Ltd.
  • John Fischer, President, and Operations, American Friction Welding (AFW)
  • Kate Franklin, Senior Project Leader, Friction and Forge Processes, TWI Ltd.
  • Chairman: Andy Pye, Consultant Editor, DFA Media Ltd
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