High Precision Friction Welding (HPFW)

High Precision Friction Welding (HPFW), also referred to Smart Rotary Friction Welding (SRFW) is a subgroup of friction welding focused on the ability to achieve the highest manufacturing accuracy in the production of a component’s parts.* This subset is generally reserved for component parts that are required to satisfy the highest demands for position and accuracy.

The keys to a high factor of reproducibility using this method are:

  • The utilization of feedback control systems
  • Precision clamping devices
  • Pre and post machining on the welder itself utilizing a lathe operation

The HPFW method is highly recommended if the failure of the welded components would make the final product dangerous. Certainly there are applications where a possible weld failure has minimal risk. If no risk of failure is imperative, HPFW is the best option.

High Precision Friction Welder

For reference, ISO 15620 spec refers to the Category A guideline for quality assurance. One of the main goals in using an HPFW model is to gain reliable and predictable outcomes to ensure your product performs in a known way prior to field use. AFW proudly offers this next generation of fabrication that utilizes the proven solid-state joining process we have been leveraging for 30 plus years.

American Welding Society Specification
AWS C6.1 specifies some similar categories but does not go far enough to classify HPFW.


You can visit Inertia Friction Welding for the key differences between Direct Drive Friction Welding and Inertia Welding. In this instance, we would like to further draw the delineation between DDFW/IFW and what is now becoming a more common term: High Precision Friction Welding or HPFW.

* D. Schmicker, K. Naumenko and J. Strackeljan. A holistic Approach on the Simulation of Rotary-Friction-Welding.

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