Linear Benefits Of Friction Welding

Would a repeatable, CNC based joining process with a recordable history improve quality and efficiency at your company?

Video of Linear Friction Welding

Yep, it is that fast!

Imagine a Cycle Time of a just a few seconds for solid-state fusion of metals in similar or dissimilar configurations.

And It Is Strong!

Linear Friction Welded joints equal or exceed the strength of parent materials. The joint is non-porous, leak-proof, and fully machinable like solid billet.

AFW Strength Test 03

Bend Test Sample Cross Section

How much easier would the elimination of fluxes, gasses, porosity, and slag inclusions make your work life?

What if Joint Preparation was made easier by using saw cut or sheared surfaces instead of milling or turning first?

Joint prep for pipe

Joint Made Using Saw Cut Tube