Linear Design Diversity

Attach Several or Dozens of Features to a central body Simultaneously

Can you attach a collection of brackets and ports to a central tube or cubic shape in one instantaneous action, or do you have to attach them sequentially?

Multiple Features Joined to Main Body

Unlimited Lengths for Full Strength Bar and Tube

Break away from Mill-Length constraints.

What if the only limit to your product length was the size of truck you load it onto?

Long Length Bar and Tube

40 foot long special alloy bar (before flash removal)

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Complex Shapes

Do you have a method to combine them with full, solid state joint strength?

Complex Casting Halves

Castings before joining by linear friction welding

Combine Dissimilar Metals

Does your company have the means to do this efficiently with consistent quality?

Dissimilar Metal Prop Shaft

Solid splined ends bonded to hollow tube shaft

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