Meet Mike Bichanich

Posted January 28, 2016 In Manufacturing Efficiency

Welcome back to the American Friction Welding Blog. My name is Mike Bichanich, I am the new business and marketing manager and will be writing on a number of topics relating to friction welding, the manufacturing industry, and general subjects of interest.

Mike Bichanich

Here’s a quick bio: I have spent my entire career working for a manufacturer or supporting the manufacturing industry. I most recently spent two years as a value-added reseller of Autodesk software assisting engineering groups with their drafting, modeling, and data management needs. This role gave me a good insight into the challenges that engineers face when making design decisions and I will gladly assist you when it is time to make a design decision based on using a new manufacturing process such as friction welding.

Before that, I spent 7 years working for Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of avionics support equipment, as a strategic account manager for our two largest accounts Airbus and Boeing. During that time I also took on a special assignment as sales and engineering resource for implementing a new ERP system, SAP, for our entire operations.

While at Carlisle I acquired a great deal of understanding in lean operations. As a manufacturer of complex, integrated products, I represented the sales department in numerous process improvement events where we utilized a six sigma approach to meet our end goal of time and cost savings.

Here at AFW, we have adopted a similar lean approach. I plan to share how we achieve growth in scope and quality using this same approach. I will cover a number of topics in this series but not limited to:

  • AWS Quality Standards
  • Supplier Evaluation as it relates to Friction Welding
  • Financial Considerations when changing Manufacturing Processes
  • Maintaining Cost-Effective Production
  • Key Questions to ask yourself before choosing Friction Welding

Input and suggestions are always welcomed. I look forward to showing you how we live by the saying “Friction Welding is our business, Flexibility is our Strength”.