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Friction Welds and the Welding Company You Can Count On

American Friction Welding’s 33 years of expertise results in full-strength, defect-free friction weldments. Our customers demand high-quality and standardized production processes...
Posted February 6, 2019

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Quality Solid State Joining in Action

There is a surplus of fabrication subcontractors when it comes to outsourcing jobs. However, there are very limited options for solid state joining, with only a handful of subcontractors in North...
Posted January 25, 2018

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How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact in Manufacturing

Conserving Resources Shrinks Environmental Impact Friction welding offers improved efficiency in part fabrication. Recent news about international efforts to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions...
Posted April 22, 2016

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How Does Friction Welding Work?

Friction welding is categorized in the welding industry because heat is focused on the interface between two objects to join them. Despite the name, it is unusual to think that the Friction...
Posted August 9, 2015

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Friction Welding – Is it Feasible for You?

I saw this terrific post called 7 Advantages of Friction Welding from Mr. Miles Free of The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA). Friction welding is a lesser-known joining process that...
Posted January 15, 2015

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New Technology Available – Linear Friction Welding

Linear Friction Welding Has Matured From Concept To An Applied Science It is ready for mainstream manufacturing, and now AFW can offer expanded capabilities with this technology to industrial...
Posted November 21, 2013

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