Is Your Design Worth a Second Look?

Posted October 22, 2018

Friction welding offers viable solutions to hard-hitting manufacturing problems. Key advantages such as the ability to join dissimilar metals and reduce material waste offer a time-efficient and cost-effective way to produce new parts.

Friction welding is a versitle process that provides forged quality components and gives engineers confidence that the part will meet their quality standards. We challenge you and your engineering staff to answer this question:

Is it worth a second look at your design? Ask us!

Why Friction Welding?

Weld Different Metals Together With Friction Welding

1. Join Dissimilar Metals

The most distinctive advantage about rotary friction welding is the ability to join dissimilar metals. Material combinations that are not normally deemed compatible using traditional welding methods can be joined by our process.

If your application requires combinations such as stainless to carbon steel, copper to silver, or aluminum to titanium, we have the expertise that can produce it, and repeat it with consistencies most fabricators expect from their vendors.

Reduce Material Waste With Friction Welding

2. Reduce Material Waste

Because friction welds are orders of magnitude more durable than traditional welds, it requires less raw materials to achieve the same torque and fatigue features of the conventional part. This equates to a decrease in the cost of raw materials as well as machining time to remove excess material.

Consistent Quality in Welding

3. Consistent Quality

A friction weld – done on a wide variety of part sizes and applications – provides forged quality joining that our customers demand. Since the weld is machine controlled, the process is consistent and repetitive, eliminating human error and maintaining weld quality.

We Are Your Project Partner

Friction welding ensures quality, innovation, and savings.

AFW offers more than just the process. We are your partners throughout your design, manufacturing, and post-project phases. If you don’t have the capacity or space for a new machine, we can build your component in either of our Manufacturing Services facilities in South Bend or the UK. When your project is complete, AFW will finish the process with a Testing & Evaluation program.

AFW’s manufacturing and engineering experts

  • Listen to your story
  • Learn about your unique challenges
  • Determine the best solution for you

You will be on your way to a finished produced that addresses all of your needs with a clearly defined task, extensive research, and a detailed concept in hand.

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