Welding Dissimilar Materials with Friction Technology

Posted March 26, 2015

Bi-Metal Electric Diode Friction Welded

Friction Welding is a preferred joining method of multiple industrial manufacturers for a variety of compelling reasons:

  • Weld Integrity — A design engineer might need the superior strength of its solid state bond.
  • Custom Shaped Weldments — To join unusual components that will produce a near-net shape.
  • No Filler Metals — The weld is as strong as the two base welded metals.

One of the fascinating reasons to specify Friction Welding is the ability to create a finished composite part using dissimilar materials.

Friction Welding Reduces Material Costs

Friction Welding comes into the pictures when designers address the cost of those expensive materials. What if the resistant material is only needed at a specific point of exposure? Can the remainder of a shaft be made from carbon steel? If so, the expensive alloy can be joined with Friction Welding to create a composite part.

Advantages of Welding Dissimilar Materials

Certain applications expose machine components to harsh conditions involving chemicals, acids, or fuels. Others handle food or pharmaceuticals. In all cases, cleanliness is crucial. Designers turn to stainless steel and other high-nickel alloys to address this exposure. Industry examples of welding dissimilar metals can be found in wash-down motor shafts, marine prop-shafts, and various pumps.

Friction Welding Resolves Material Challenges

In the utility industry, the electric current must be handled as it travels across different metals. Consider busses and fuses that move the current from an aluminum surface to an opposing contact point. The ability to join aluminum to copper in a way that prevents arcing within the joint becomes essential. Friction Welding can produce such a joint.

Friction Welding Dissimilar Metals Increases Design Flexibility

The ability to join two different types of metal at a seam opens all kinds of flexibility for designers. Check this material list for example combinations.

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