Why Friction Welding?

Friction welding is a solid-state process joining two metal objects by applying rotational motion and pressure to the objects. High temperatures generated by friction, transform the point of contact into a plasticized state. The pressure is used to forge a metallic bond between the atoms of the objects. The overall molecular integrity of the original objects remains intact due to the narrow heat affected zone. The technology provides a complete cross-sectional weld without using fluxes or filler metal.

Used by OEM’s across multiple industries worldwide, friction welding holds numerous advantages over conventional welding, the most important being:

  • Faster Turn-Around Times
  • It’s Cost Effective!
  • Suitable for Diverse Quantities
  • Consistent Component Quality and Weld Integrity
  • Weld Dissimilar Metals and Alloys

As the largest full service, direct-drive, rotary friction welding shop in North America, AFW delivers unmatched experience, quality and support from design prototyping and customized solutions through full production.

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