Friction Welding Anti-Seismic Components Case Study


Interstate Highway Construction


Rebar Anchor


Anti-Seismic Structures Construction


A leading contractor of anti-seismic structures for the transportation and skyscraper construction industries needed a solid state welded joint between standard rebar and an anchor coupling that exceeded the tensile strength of the rebar itself.


Utilizing The Friction Welding Advantage, American Friction Welding assisted the customer to realize a 110% increase in the tensile strength of the parent material (grade 60 #10 rebar) using the following materials:

  • Friction weld a 6” Ø x ¾” thick A527 Grade 50 burnout to a 60” long piece of A706 Grade 60 #10 rebar
  • Increased the tensile strength of the weld joint to 110,000 KSI
  • Increased microstructure density of welding interface. The loading section area of welding interface becomes larger after friction welding processing, thereby providing a higher strength.

Anti-Seismic Structure Construction

Rebar Anchor Friction Welding


Friction welded rebar exceeds the quality standards – SA (Anti-Seismic) and FA (Anti-Fatigue) Class. Gives customers more flexibility in the options of rebar coupler material and processing method.

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