Supply Chain Manufacturing

Supply Chain Manufacturing

American Friction Welding serves as a supply chain partner to customers providing turn-key solutions for their long-term manufacturing programs. As the United States’ largest subcontract friction welder, our programmatic approach offers complete control from start to finish over proof of concept development, procurement, high-volume manufacturing, product quality, inventory control, and on-time delivery. AFW offers a competitive advantage through its efficient supply chain model offering increased productivity, reduced manufacturing cost, and unmatched customer service while combatting supply chain disruptions.

Checkbox Proof of Concept

  • Proficient in New Product Development
  • Vast Experience in Dissimilar Metal Welding
  • Committed to Complete Understanding the Customer’s Manufacturing Needs Through Project Discover
  • Experts at Developing Manufacturing Methods That Ensure Part Quality, Manufacturing Repeatability, and Overall Tolerance Requirements

Checkbox Quality Protocol

  • Develop a Quality Plan Controlling All Aspects of the Manufacturing Process
  • Determine Testing Instruments, In-Process, and Final Inspection Procedures
  • Establish Document Control, Process Certifications, Records, and Reporting Requirements

Checkbox Procurement

  • Develop a Tailored Supply Chain Management Protocol
  • Exotic and Standard Metal Acquisition
  • ERP System Triggered Buying Ensuring On-Hand Material
  • Material Lead Time Monitoring

Checkbox Scheduling

  • Priority Scheduling Over Non-Programmatic Work
  • Status Reporting Response Within 24 Hours

Checkbox Production

  • Massive Welding Capacity: 63,000+ Sq. Ft., 18 High-Precision Friction Welders, and a Highly-Skilled Workforce
  • Fractional to 6.25” Diameter Welds of 1” to 20’ Part Lengths
  • Lean Manufacturing and Kanban Program Approach
  • Friction Welding Center Redundancy
  • Dedicated Production Cells Option
  • Climate-Controlled Production and Inspection Environment

Checkbox Managed Processes

  • Raw Material Acquisition and Distribution
  • Precision CNC Machining: turning, milling, and 5-axis
  • Thermal Processes: heat treating, induction hardening, and flame hardening
  • Coatings: plating and anodizing

Checkbox Inspection and Testing

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection E114
  • Non-Destructive: ultrasonic and visual inspection
  • Destructive: bend, etch, tensile, torque, and cross-section examination

Checkbox Inventory Control

  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Kanban Pull System Replenishment
  • Forecast-Driven SCM

Checkbox On-Time Delivery

  • Programmatic Manufacturing Ensures Process Control For On-Time Delivery
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