Friction Welding

American Friction Welding offers the experience, expertise and technical knowledge necessary to support you in applying the advantages of friction welding to your part and process.

Friction welding is currently used in many industries worldwide. The key to fully understanding the process and its many advantages are in the ability to visualize HOW the friction welding process can be applied in a specific situation.

As the largest full service, direct-drive, rotary friction welding job shop in North America that offers fabrication by the solid fusion of metal, we are ready to assist to:

See the Process in Action:


High-Quality Friction Welding

We continually innovate new options to improve turnaround time and part reliability with the best AWS options for traceability.
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Custom Welding Solutions

AFW can advise your designers on part development to ensure reliability and meet all objectives.
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Considering Friction Welding for Your Manufacturing Process?

This is your resource for solving production, design, and sourcing problems to achieve greater efficiency and quality.

Solutions for Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers

  • Increase throughput
  • Save machine time
  • Reduce material waste
  • Maintain quality

Production Solutions

Solutions for Design Engineers

Design Engineers

  • Combine unique shapes
  • Join dissimilar metals
  • Reduce weight
  • Increase part strength

Design Solutions

Solutions for Purchasing Agents

Purchasing Agents

  • Diversify your sourcing
  • Reduce lead times
  • Eliminate die expenses
  • Buy less material

Sourcing Solutions

Friction Welds and the Welding Company You Can Count On

A Stack of Friction Welded Threaded Rod Welments

American Friction Welding’s 33 years of expertise results in full-strength, defect-free friction weldments. Our customers demand high-quality and standardized production processes...
Posted February 6, 2019

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