Friction Welding Production

Keep Those Assembly Lines Running

Are you looking for a way to increase throughput in your machining center without adding staff or equipment?

What about quality and strength? Can those improve along with your other criteria?

American Friction Welding holds the answers to your challenges!


Simplify Your Work

Friction Welding allows you to eliminate the consumables of traditional welding. Receive components constructed of dissimilar materials that are joined without the use of fluxes, fillers, gasses, or an external heat source.

Drive Gear Blank

Drive Gear Blank

Strength of Material

Full Penetration Increases Strength

Friction welding bonds parts with the full fusion of the weld face (faying surface) instead of the contact perimeter. Molecular integrity stays intact with the narrow heat-affected zone of this. There is no need for notches to contain fillets or reduce heat mass.

Weld Integrity with Friction Welding

Metallic Bond Example

Replace Billet and Bar Stock

The Best Way to Increase Machining Throughput

Stop using time on critical machines to “hog” away chips to create your near-net shapes. Start with a Friction Welded near-net blank and machine it just like solid billet. In addition, save expense on material by using less.

Valve Blank Before and After

Friction Weldment (left) Machined to Finished Valve (right)

Food Grade Impeller

Finished Pump Impeller Machined from Friction Weldment

Friction Welding Insurance

For Manufacturers Currently Using Friction Welding In-House

AFW stands ready to assist manufacturers with their own friction welding operations. We receive calls to infill orders when demand exceeds OEM capacity on their machines. Sometimes OEM machines are taken down for maintenance, but production must continue. AFW plays an important role in supporting production.

A new concept brings the idea of production Insurance to the factory floor. Our phone often rings with calls for assistance long after production has unexpectedly halted in the factory. Instead, work with us to plan ahead. AFW can tool up and qualify your highest volume runners in advance. When the time comes, it is simply a matter of “throwing the switch” when you need production support.

Friction Welding Video: Truck Axles and Roller Fabrication

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