Advantages Of Friction Welding

Increase machining efficiency with near-net shapes. Join dissimilar metals and unusual shapes.

Benefits of Our Friction Welding Process

  • Enables joining of dissimilar materials normally not compatible for welding by other joining methods.
  • Creates narrow, heat-affected zone
  • Consistent and repetitive process of complete metal fusion
  • Joint preparation is minimal – saw cut surface used most commonly
  • Faster Turn-around Times – compared to the long lead time of forgings, which are currently 6 months or longer.
  • Greatly increases design flexibility – choose appropriate material for each area of a blank
  • Suitable for diverse quantities – from single prototypes to high-volume production
  • No fluxes, filler material, or gases required
  • Environmentally friendly process – no fumes, gases, or smoke generated
  • Solid-state welding process – no possibility of porosity or slag inclusions
  • Creates cast or forge-like blanks – without expensive tooling or minimum quantity requirements
  • Reduces machining labor, thereby reducing perishable tooling costs while increasing capacity
  • Full surface weld gives superior strength in critical areas
  • Reduces raw material costs in bi-metal applications. Expensive materials are only used where necessary in the blank

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Eco-Friendly Welding

Friction welding is a self-cleaning action that reduces or eliminates the additional energy or labor costs that are associated with surface prep. Joint preparation is non-critical as machined, sheared and saw-cut surfaces are friction weldable. Because no fumes are produced during friction welding, it is an environmentally-friendly joining solution.

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Welding with Integrity

Friction welded joints have very reliable integrity. The final fused zone generally becomes stronger than either of the individual base materials.

In the photo below, notice the “weld zone” in the cross-sectional cut of a friction welded part. It illustrates the properties of metallic bonds in friction welding.

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Weld Integrity with Friction Welding

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Does AFW understand the effect of heat in materials, so that pre-heating, cooling, stress relieving and other heat treat processes are properly applied?

A weld zone that is properly treated to prevent stress risers, cracking, and to meet hardness requirements as you specify is absolutely necessary to your program.

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