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AFW Expands Capacity With New 50-Ton Friction Welding Center

American Friction Welding (AFW) has installed a new Thompson 50-ton rotary friction welding center to expand capacity...
Posted November 15, 2022

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AFW Expands Capacity With Employment and Asset Acquisition

American Friction Welding purchased the assets of Spinweld, Inc., a friction welding company, on March 17...
Posted October 6, 2021

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Friction Welding Symposium Video

Discover the benefits and advantages of friction welding, real-world applications...
Posted October 6, 2021

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The BizTimes recently featured AFW in a Made In Milwaukee Article

“Automation Drives Growth at American Friction Welding” - View the PDF reprint below...
Posted June 9, 2021

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American Friction Welding Releases New Line Card!

View AFW’s new Friction Welding Line Card webpage and download the PDF...
Posted April 12, 2021

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Please Join American Friction Welding for an OPEN HOUSE!

AFW cordially invites you to an open house on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, from 1 pm to 6 pm. You’ll tour our...
Posted September 3, 2020

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American Friction Welding Continues to Grow With New Facility

American Friction Welding (AFW) has moved into a new 63,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility...
Posted April 6, 2020

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American Friction Welding Announces Website Redesign

American Friction Welding (AFW) launches a complete redesign of its website today. The site features new content, a fresh interface with enhanced navigation...
Posted May 1, 2019

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Friction Welds and the Welding Company You Can Count On

American Friction Welding’s 33 years of expertise results in full-strength, defect-free friction weldments. Our customers demand high-quality and standardized production processes...
Posted February 6, 2019

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Is Your Design Worth a Second Look?

When you have a fabrication need that’s outside your regular realm of business, we encourage you to talk to us at AFW about our turnkey supply chain management services. No matter what the...
Posted October 22, 2018

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Ask Us About Our Turnkey Solutions

When you have a fabrication need that’s outside your regular realm of business, we encourage you to talk to us at AFW about our supply chain management services. No matter what the challenge, we...
Posted June 21, 2018

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Quality Solid-State Joining in Action

There is a surplus of fabrication subcontractors when it comes to outsourcing jobs. However, there are very limited options for solid-state joining, with only a handful of subcontractors in North...
Posted January 25, 2018

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Amazing but True... Even on Small Lot Sizes

It’s hard to believe, but too good not to share so you can utilize for your organization’s own gain. We are always amazed at the huge cost savings that can be had using friction welding, even on...
Posted May 5, 2017

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Lot Size and Cost Savings

Is there an optimal lot size that makes a compelling case for a part to be considered as a friction weldment? This is a question we hear often and there are a couple of factors to consider. In....
Posted February 6, 2017

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Cost Reduction & Efficiency Gains

Find new methods to produce legacy parts. Have you been tasked with efforts to spearhead these types of activities within your company? When I talk to manufacturing engineers and supply chain...
Posted October 27, 2016

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Worst Case Scenario

One of the main advantages of using a friction weldment is the ability to create a full surface bond that will be as strong as the parent material. When high strength is warranted in such a part...
Posted August 4, 2016

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Is On-Time Delivery Important to You?

AFW is committed to meeting your demands, in both the production and delivery of your product. With the summer season about to be in full swing, holidays, summer hours, and even shutdowns have...
Posted June 17, 2016

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AFW Adds 50 Ton Friction Welding Machine

American Friction Welding has installed and is now running a 50 ton Thompson friction welding machine in our facility to increase production capacity. Read the press release from Thompson below...
Posted May 31, 2017

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How to Reduce Your Environmental Impact in Manufacturing

Conserving Resources Shrinks Environmental Impact Friction welding offers improved efficiency in part fabrication. Recent news about international efforts to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions...
Posted April 22, 2016

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Increase CNC Machining Efficiency

Innovation on the Shop Floor What if a shop manager can solve the near-net conundrum? The payoff will be improved CNC machining throughput and reduced material expense. In many cases, Friction...
Posted April 12, 2016

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Quality Standards Make a Critical Difference

The Quality Standards of your Friction Welder are as critical as the benefits of Fiction Welding – let’s look at how important choosing the best Standard can be. Three Standards are...
Posted January 29, 2016

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How Does Friction Welding Work?

Friction welding is categorized in the welding industry because heat is focused on the interface between two objects to join them. Despite the name, it is unusual to think that the Friction...
Posted August 9, 2015

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How To Bond Copper to Stainless Steel With Friction Welding

Chemical Company Requests Method to Bond Copper to Stainless Steel Recently, we received a request to produce a bi-metal pipe configuration created from a bond of copper to stainless steel...
Posted June 27, 2015

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Friction Welding Insurance

Risk Reduction through Redundancy makes sense, doesn’t it? For those of us in manufacturing, keeping production flowing is a basic responsibility. Even so, did you know that not...
Posted June 5, 2015

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How to Friction Weld Thin-wall Tubes for Pressure Containment

Manufacturing Challenge for Metal Part Fabricators Several years ago, an industrial manufacturer of electric utility components was experiencing fallout with its cylinder fabrication process...
Posted May 18, 2015

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What Are Your Alternatives for Pump Impeller Fabrication?

Reduce Material Waste and Machine Time in Your Pump Impeller Operations Were you with us when we examined the case for Bi-Metal pump shafts? The evidence is conclusive that bi-metal pump shafts...
Posted April 21, 2015

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How to Optimize Pump Impeller Fabrication

Near-Net Shapes Reduce Metal Costs Further with Greater Volume. Let’s take another look at opportunities to improve pump impeller fabrication methods. Our previous exploration of this...
Posted March 29, 2015

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How Can You Join Metal Into Unusual and Complex Shapes?

Combine Castings, Forgings, Bar Stock, and Stampings Design Choices A design engineer planning to fabricate unique part shapes has several choices in metalworking industries. Parts can be cut...
Posted March 26, 2015

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How to Cut Pump Shaft Costs with Bi-Metal Design

Significant Savings Claim for Friction Welded, Bi-Metal Pump Shaft Blanks There is an AFW circulating that claims dramatic savings for manufacturers who use friction-welded, bi-metal pump shafts...
Posted March 26, 2015

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Welding Dissimilar Materials with Friction Technology

Friction Welding is a preferred joining method of multiple industrial manufacturers for a variety of compelling reasons: Weld Integrity — A design engineer might need the superior strength of its...
Posted March 26, 2015

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The Challenge of Launching New Product Ideas

Avoid These 5 Pitfalls in Manufacturing Change...
Posted March 26, 2015

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A Service Center Like No Other for Metal Part Fabricators

Friction Welded Net Shapes Reduce Your Lead-Time...
Posted February 17, 2015

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Friction Welding – Is it Feasible for You?

I saw this terrific post called 7 Advantages of Friction Welding from Mr. Miles Free of The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA). Friction welding is a lesser-known joining process that...
Posted January 15, 2015

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New Technology Available – Linear Friction Welding

Linear Friction Welding Has Matured From Concept To An Applied Science. It is ready for mainstream manufacturing, and now AFW can offer expanded capabilities with this technology to industrial...
Posted November 21, 2013

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