New Technology Available – Linear Friction Welding

Posted November 21, 2013

Linear Friction Welding Has Matured

From Concept To An Applied Science

It is ready for mainstream manufacturing, and now AFW can offer expanded capabilities with this technology to industrial manufacturers.

For many years Linear Friction Welding has been the domain of exotic applications like aerospace. Special alloys in aerospace are joined, for example, in a blade-to-disk (blisk) formation for jet turbofans. The cost of equipment limited the process to highly specialized manufacturing. Today, the advantages of this fabrication method are ready to enter the mainstream of manufacturing.

Would solid-state fusion with these advancements make a difference in your operations?

  • Hold Precise Alignment of sub-components
  • Work With Unlimited Lengths of bar stock and tube
  • Maintain Orientation of assembly features
  • Join Multiple Features to a central body In One Cycle
  • Shorten Cycle Times for greater efficiency
  • Join Asymmetric, Unusually Shaped sub-components

Linear Friction

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