Friction Welding Consulting Services

Whether you’re an engineering firm that frequently designs friction-welded parts or a friction welder yourself, AFW is proud to offer consulting services to those looking to maximize efficiency and solve complex problems with solid-state welding.

After providing welding services for over three decades, American Friction Welding has amassed a wealth of expertise in the joining process and industry. As the largest full-service rotational friction welding job shop in North America, we’ve helped clients of all industries and sizes find solutions in design, production, and sourcing.

We’re able to provide consultation via phone or email, as well as on-site assistance for more in-depth projects. Send us your technical drawings for review and we’ll find ways to reduce materials, increase strength, or join unusual shapes.

Costs for our consulting services will be estimated on request.

Forging to Casting

Food Grade Impeller Friction Welded

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