Welding Dissimilar Metal Shapes

There are many advantages to joining dissimilar metals and shapes.

Save on material cost by combining different metal types and grades. Use a corrosion-resistant metal that stands up to chemicals and lower-cost material for unexposed areas of the part. The same is true for high-stress parts made with a combination of different material strengths depending on the load area. Thermal expansion is held to a minimum due to narrow heat-affected zones of the welding technology.

Reduce weight by substituting a solid shaft with a pipe/tube body fused with solid ends.

Joint strength by intermetallic compounds (two metallic elements) produces a new phase of composition, crystal structure, and properties.

Save on machining and raw materials by replacing a solid stock blank with weldments conforming more closely to final part size and shape.

Friction welding provides versatility, strength, and savings to manufacturing.

Examples of Dissimilar Metal Shape Welding Image

Common applications are:

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