Welding Dissimilar Metal Shapes

There are many advantages to joining dissimilar metals and shapes.

Save on material cost by combining different metal types and grades. Use a corrosion-resistant metal that stands up to chemicals and lower-cost material for unexposed areas of the part. The same is true for high-stress parts made with a combination of different material strengths depending on the load area. Thermal expansion is held to a minimum due to narrow heat-affected zones of the welding technology.

Reduce weight by substituting a solid shaft with a pipe/tube body fused with solid ends.

Joint strength by intermetallic compounds (two metallic elements) produces a new phase of composition, crystal structure, and properties.

Save on machining and raw materials by replacing a solid stock blank with weldments conforming more closely to final part size and shape.

Friction welding provides versatility, strength, and savings to manufacturing.

Common applications are:

Examples of Dissimilar Metal Shape Welding Image
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