Friction Welding Quality Control

Quality Assurance

AFW begins with total conformity to design requirements in mind. Job planning, tooling, and final testing are all engineered to achieve that goal. For example, one of the products that we manufacture requires tight tolerances for concentricity, perpendicularity, length and ovality.

To ensure consistent alignment of all four tolerances, American Friction Welding designed a friction welding quality-testing gauge to measure concentricity, perpendicularity, length and ovality of each part. With one 360-degree rotational pass, the gauge probes and evaluates these four parameters, reporting a pass or fail for each tolerance.

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Tolerance Testing

When manufacturing to tight tolerances, this test ensures quality parts throughout our clients’ friction welding projects. Our custom friction welding quality gauge measures and evaluates length, as well as the following three tolerances:


A three-dimensional geometric tolerance that controls how much the median points of multiple diameters may deviate from the specified datum axis.


A 3-dimensional geometric tolerance that controls how much a surface, axis or plane can deviate from a 90-degree angle.


A cylindrical measurement tool that traverses the circumference of the cylindrical element to measure and record any dynamic distortions that range between circular and oval.

Using Quality Gauge

AFW Quality Control Gauge

Three Step Process shown...

Step 1

The friction welding operator programs the quality gauge with each tolerance value per the customer’s specs. Next, the operator places the part on the Custom Friction Welding Quality Gauge.

Custom Quality Gauge Testing

Receptor probes are attached to measure variances during the test.

Step 2

With one 360-degree rotation, the gauge very quickly and accurately measures and evaluates all four tolerances. The results are used in the pass/fail test to ensure quality.

Quality Testing Step 2

With tolerances captured this quickly, we save valuable lead time.

Step 3

Advanced Dimensional Testing

Our Custom Quality Gauge collects and stores the data, which can later be forwarded for further Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis.

Quality Testing Step 3

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