Friction Welding Valves Case Study


Valve Manufacturer


Valve Pistons


Oil Refinery or Chemical and Food Processing


A leading manufacturer of industrial valves needed to reduce material costs and increase machining capacity without compromising corrosive resistance of material and part integrity.


Utilizing The Friction Welding Advantage, American Friction Welding helped the customer realize a 20% reduction in costs and a 20% increase in capacity by employing the following:

  • Friction welding 316L stainless steel stems to both sides of 316L stainless center disc to create a near net shape blank saving of 60% on raw material cost
  • Many varieties of materials can be used in this type of application
  • Reduced machining time by 35% with near net shape also increasing turning center capacity by the same 35%
  • Used full KanBan program to reduce customer’s inventory by 50% and lead-time to 3 days
  • Application processing excellent for highly corrosive chemicals

Friction Welded Valve Manufacturer

Friction Welded Valve Manufacturers


American Friction Welding application specialists work closely with you throughout your project. Design engineering assistance, process analysis and testing gives you the ultimate cost solutions. Add comprehensive post-production KanBan inventory and logistical support services and you’re surrounded with The Friction Welding Advantage from AFW!

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