Friction Welding Drill Pipe

American Friction Welding is expert at rotary friction welding drill pipes. Our ability to join dissimilar metals, thicknesses, and shapes makes our process the perfect solution in drill pipe manufacturing. Tool joints can be constructed of higher grade, thicker or solid metal versus the pipe body, saving tremendous cost overall. The solid-state welding process creates a full-strength, cross-sectional bond eliminating air or porosity in the weld. Minimal surface preparation is required of parts as oils and impurities are displaced in the excess weld material, called flash. Friction welding does not use filler metals, making the bond as strong as the parent materials. The overall molecular integrity of the pipe remains intact due to the narrow heat-affected zone of this welding technology. All of these factors result in drill rods capable of standing up to the most demanding applications.

Sonic Drill Pipe

Friction Welded Sonic Drill Pipe

NWJ Drill Pipe

Friction Welded NWJ Drill Pipe

AWJ Drill Pipe

Friction Welded AWJ Drill Pipe

Induction Heat Treating

Heat Treating  With Heat Induction

About American Friction Welding
American Friction Welding (AFW) operates 18 high-precision friction welders in a 63,000 square foot, climate-controlled ISO 9001:2015 certified facility located in Waukesha, WI, providing subcontract welding services since 1986. AFW rotary friction welds a wide variety of components for the aerospace, automotive, defense, food processing, heavy equipment, marine, medical equipment, military, mining, oil and gas, power generation, space, and transportation markets.

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